Don’t You Remember? – An Insight for Lesson 6

Feeling a bit discouraged or anxious these days? Experiencing some concerns or confusion about the future? It seems like everywhere you go people are focused on the stormy weather, the tumultuous political scene that we are presently experiencing in a profound way, or some more personal trauma. Where can you turn for answers and help? What do you think Jesus would remind you and me to do? Perhaps his warning and his advice to his disciples would be a good place to start! “Be careful of thinking the way that both religious and political leaders think.” You can’t depend on either one of them.   “Make sure that your hearts do not become hardened” for it’s out of your heart that you speak and act. “Remember what I have done for you” – in the recent past, as well as throughout your life.” (Mark 8:14 – 19) Thank You, Lord Jesus, that it is in Your Word and by Your Spirit within me that I find both direction and peace.



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