Too Busy? – An Insight for Lesson 1

There was a plaque on the wall of the church that I went to when I was a teenager. It made an impression on me then and sometimes the truth of its words still come back to me. Here they are: “There is always time to do ALL of God’s will when you do God’s will ALL of the time.” Jesus said at the end of His very busy days on earth that He had accomplished all that the Father had sent Him to do. Wouldn’t it be amazing to live life day by day knowing that on any given day you had, perhaps not perfectly, but intentionally asked God to provide you with the discernment and then the willingness to do on that day what He wanted you to do? That you had listened to His voice rather than the distracting voices that surround us in so many alluring ways? To live knowing that He isn’t asking you to do the work of others, but to be eager to accomplish whatever He has specifically created you to do. It’s the way that Jesus lived and it pleased His Father and brought joy to Him. It’s my prayer. How about you?

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