What’s Your Vantage Point? – An Insight for Lesson 8

The people who lived in the city of Jericho must have known that outside their thick walls of protection, the Israelites were up to no good. They were camped out there and then they marched silently around the city every day – until day 7. From their vantage point, all they could do was hope that the outcome would be in their favor. There was one family, however, who watched these events from a totally different vantage point. They did so because one woman came to believe with all her heart that “God is God in heaven above AND on the earth below. She was so convinced of this one enormous truth that she risked everything AND she hung the scarlet cord in the window. Today we as Americans watch for the results of an election – an election that has divided people and seems to have no positive outcome no matter what happens. That is true if your safety, your security, and your future is dependent on the stability of your government, economics and freedoms. “Lord, with the scarlet cord of Jesus in my heart and the truth of Who You are in my mind, continue to give me peace and purpose today and in the future no matter how my external world changes.”

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