Are Lists a Good Thing? An Insight for Lesson 1

Are you a list maker? It may not matter whether you make it in your head, on a piece of paper, or in the reminder app on your phone, creating a list of the things that need to be done, bought, packed, or remembered can be very helpful. Sometimes it is someone else’s list that reminds me of important things that I may not have thought about on my own. So here’s my new daily checklist from Hebrews 10: 22 – 25:

  • Take time today to draw near to God with honesty, gratefulness and confidence in His love
  • Focus not just on the visible and immediate, but on the invisible hope that I have in Him
  • Look for God given opportunities to show love and kindness and generosity
  • Find times for being together with other believers to both give and receive encouragement in FAITH

Thank you, Lord, that You are the One Who always enables me to persevere and to step by step trust you more completely.


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