The Only Solution for Myopia – An Insight for Lesson 1

What do you call it when someone has difficulty seeing distant objects clearly but can see objects that are relatively close to his/her eyes well? We generally use the term “nearsighted”, but the medical name is myopia. While physically, we can put on glasses or sometimes have surgery to correct this problem, spiritually there is only one way that we can even begin to see, to grasp the things that God has prepared for us not only in the present but in our eternal future. Our imagination is not great enough. Our perception of reality is not clear enough. Our minds are not big enough. BUT God, through His Son, Jesus, gives us new eyes to see and to grasp the hope that we have in Christ and the inheritance that He has for all those who are His children. It’s amazing! Lord, today, I ask you to open the eyes of my heart to see much more clearly your great love for me and to use my new “long distance vision” for Your glory.

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