Just What I Need – An Insight for Lesson 3

I need these Psalms. We all need these Psalms because they not only expand our view of who God is but they put our humanity in perspective. Did you notice how David began his song in what we call Psalm 8? “O LORD, our Lord.” The first LORD is Yahweh – the self-existent One, who depends on nothing else for His existence and yet all His creation is totally dependent on Him. The second Lord is his title – master, the only infallible, invincible, eternal one who is fully worthy of this title. In stark contrast to his glory and majesty, He uses the praises of little children to silence those who are in opposition to God. He trusts people like you and me to care for His creation. And best of all, He loves to protect and to provide for all those who put their trust in Him. I will praise You, Lord, with all my heart. I want to tell others of all the marvelous things that You have done. I can be full of joy because of You, my Jehovah and my Master.   (Psalm 9: 1 – 2)

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