Experiencing God through the Psalms

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There are seasons in life when we feel quite content and satisfied. It feels like things are going well. There’s prosperity and peace, a bright future and hope. At times like this, it is easy to join in and sing praises to the LORD, acknowledging His love, His goodness and His grace. However, in all of our lives when events take us by surprise, disappointment happens, or we feel discouraged, lonely, or weak, it can be much more difficult to come honestly and openly to God. Sometimes it is not our own joy or grief that occupies our mind, but the troubles that our friends, our communities, and even our world, are experiencing that cause us to become speechless before a Holy God.

It is through the Psalms that you and I can learn how to pray and to trust our God in every season of life. You are invited to join with us as we explore 10 of the Psalms in the first section (Psalms 1 – 41) of this beloved book in the Old Testament. As you meditate on these ancient songs of praise, lament, wisdom, and trust, you will discover meaningful ways to pray, new dimensions to your relationship to the everlasting Jehovah, and God given strength to face with hope every emotion and experience known to mankind.

May these lessons from God’s Word strengthen, comfort and encourage you in your faith as you feel with those who wrote these songs of praise and petition. The Lord Jesus is waiting to assure you of His love and His grace, His compassion and His power, as you honestly and humbly come to Him.


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