How Do You Handle Change? – Lesson 5

Lots of change simply happens, doesn’t it? You look in the mirror one day and realize that there is more evidence of the aging process than you had realized. You look at your children and think, “how did they get to be the age that I still feel I am?” You talk at the dinner table about all the things that children have today that you had never dreamed of as a child. Change seems to be occurring at a more rapid rate than ever before. While the big crisis of life can often create sudden and extremely challenging changes in our lives, there is also a daily opportunity to face and accept what we cannot control.   So, today, Lord, as I sit quietly in Your presence, help me to look at my life and my family and our needs honestly and then to focus on Your goodness and compassion. Help me to believe that Your faithfulness will extend to the next generations, just as You have promised.

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