The Promise of GUIDANCE – Intro to Lesson 3 – July 3 – 10

If you’re thinking about going on a safari in Africa, a dog sledding trip in Alaska, or even river rafting in Colorado, you are probably also hoping that you will have an experienced and knowledgeable guide. Adventures like this take us to new places and usually include physical challenges and stamina beyond our normal experience, so a competent and personable guide will make a huge difference. Ideally you would choose someone who, not only is very knowledgeable and engaging in their conversation, but is also observant, friendly, and flexible. You would also want to have a guide that understands a wise balance between “pushing your boundaries” and safety and who is prepared to make good decisions if there is a crisis or an unexpected challenge.  Perhaps, having a guide who you trust and who knows what will be best for you each day of the trip is the one you really want to find.

When it comes to the adventure of life, isn’t that what all of us are looking for? While it is easy to pretend, and our culture encourages us to work at independence, the truth is that none of us can see the future or predict when the rapids will be dangerous or where the lions are hiding in the bush. It’s one of the reasons that we need God. No other person or belief system can do for us what He can do because He is the only One who offers to us His constant love through His Son, Jesus. He is the only One who has said that He will forgive us when we stray from His path and He will actually guide us by His Holy Spirit and through His Word until we reach our destination. In fact, He will be waiting at heaven’s gate to welcome us to “the place that He has prepared for us” when that time comes.

Is there any reason that you wouldn’t want to have Him as your guide through life? It’s what He has promised to be for all those who “will trust Him and lean not on their own understanding”!

The Promise of GUIDANCE – Proverbs 3: 5 – 6

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