Sharing An Insight – Lesson 2

When is the last time you held a newborn baby? They’re so little, so fragile, and yet so unbelievably complete. As you gaze at their tiny fingers and toes and admire the way that God has formed this new life, your heart and mind fill up with emotion and delight. The potential that rests quietly in your arms will gradually unfold in the years to come. While the physical birth of a baby is miraculous, there is a “birth” that is even more amazing. When Jesus came to this earth, He came to bring the opportunity for men and women to become “new” in Him – “to experience a radical and complete transformation wrought in their soul by God and the Holy Spirit”. (Bible dictionary) Thank You, Lord, for the new life that you give to all those who by faith humbly come to You. Thank You for the gift of eternal life that I can experience by Your presence in my life today. It gives every day new possibilities to bring praise to You. Amen!

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