For beauty all around us laid – Sunshine bright and dappled shade

For stars and moon which move on high – Creation’s splendor, feast to eye

For towering mount and crashing shore – There is much to thank Him for!

For friends and family so dear – Occasions of great joy and cheer

For harvest bounty on my board – I thank the ever-faithful Lord

For these provisions and many more – There is much to praise Him for!

For health and strength from day to day – And peace which will not pass away

For hope of heaven and help on earth – Salvation’s inestimable worth

For Jesus, Savior I adore – There is much to love Him for!

For these rich gifts I bow today – And with my heart I humbly pray

I give my thanks and praise and love – Unto my King Who reigns above

Joy God only can impart – Thanksgiving from my grateful heart.

Written by my friend, Kathy Lewis

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