How Do You Descibe God? – Lesson 1 September 12 – 19

There are many ways to describe a person, aren’t there?  You can talk about how they look or describe facets of their personality, their accomplishments, their roles or their relationships.  You can try to picture what they mean to you, how you know them, or what you anticipate doing with them in the future.  The way you choose to create a mental image of another person depends partly on what you know about someone, but it is greatly influenced by the interests and experiences of the person or audience with whom you are talking.  What you tell them could make a significant difference in how they may view that person in the future.

So how would you describe GOD?  It really isn’t even adequate to put our superlative adjectives before His Name, is it?  Looking at His creation helps us to know many very valid and important things about Him, but there is so much more.  Isn’t it amazing that He has given us His Word so that we can begin to know exactly who He is and what He does, and how He wants to relate to you and to me?

One day God came to a man named Moses and as He talked to him about the job He had for him to do, God described and named Himself, “I AM”.  “I Am Who I AM”.  That day Moses was changed and from that time forward He knew that God’s hand was on his life.  Perhaps it is that very same truth that is the starting place for all of us to begin to know who God really is.  In fact, Moses is the one whom God used to begin to put in writing God’s eternal plan and purposes for mankind.  We know this through the Pentateuch – the first five books of the Old Testament.

Do you want to know who God is?  Do you want to meet Him personally?  Do you want to hear Him call your name?  That is exactly what the purpose of this lesson!  Take your time and read on . . .  verse by verse.  You just might find that you will be “awestruck – by such an awesome God.”

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