Sharing an Insight – Lesson 3

Memorial services always make an impact on my thinking and life.  Those moments of reflection usually cause me to consider not only the brevity of life, but the impact that all of us have on a variety of people.  Somehow, if the person is younger than I am (which has happened 2 times recently), it especially helps me to pause and consider again what God might want me to change or to do in the days, months or years that He will give to me.  As Paul wrote to the Philippians, he was very aware that his life might end very soon and it helped him focus on the one and only reason to stay alive – to bring the reality of Christ’s love and His joy to every person he met, in whatever circumstances he found himself.  “Lord, help me to make progress in that direction as I live out this day.”


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  1. I hope to follow along with this study…and enjoy the learning and growing time with others.

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