A Word of Encouragement

It really doesn’t matter whether it is the race that is long, the future that seems unsettled, or simply the uncertainties of life, we all need encouragement – that sense of affirmation, confidence or trust that comes through another person.  It lifts your spirit, energizes you, and renews your strength and courage, doesn’t it?   Sometimes it can come to you simply through a smile, the nod of a head, or a gentle hand on your shoulder.  It may be conveyed through a text, an e-mail, or a note of appreciation or commendation for a job well done.  Perhaps, strangely enough,  you will sense it through information or truth that changes the way you look at a challenge, yourself, or even others, that will make the difference.

When the apostle Paul wrote to the believers that lived in Philippi, it would seem that his goal was to encourage them to continue to “put into practice” the things that he had taught them when he was with them on one of his missionary journeys.  Isn’t it amazing that centuries later his words of encouragement are still incredibly important to the followers of Jesus around the world?  He wanted them and us to increasingly grasp what it means to experience the joy that Jesus came to bring to all those who would put their faith in Him.

May this be your experience as you study Philippians this summer!  We would be delighted if you would share this opportunity with your friends, your small group, or even invite them to join with you in doing this study together.

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