Lesson 8 – Introduction – May 9 – 16 The Rest of the Story

Do you ever take a sneak preview of the final chapter in a book to find out how a story is going to end? It’s a habit that some folks have while others would not even consider spoiling the intrigue or suspense which the author has worked so hard to create. Of course, some very creative writers are able to bring enough closure to a story to satisfy the readers and at the same time initiate enough questions so that you can hardly wait for the sequel to be published. It takes an extremely talented person to produce more than one or two books that are of the same quality as their initial one.

When you read the book of Acts in the New Testament, you quickly understand that it is only the introduction to the history of the church. The story of how God chose to make His kingdom visible in this world. The description of how those first disciples carried out the proclamation of the Good News about Jesus and His love. The picture of how the coming of the Holy Spirit brought power and strength, courage and comfort to every believer. The reminder that Jesus is coming again, but in the meantime, all generations have the privilege of being part of God’s story and His work around the world.

If the story of the church had been written for us throughout the centuries, it would no doubt be a captivating one. There would be the failures and defeats, but there would also be the overwhelming ways in which God has protected and provided for His people, the ones who have put their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. What part would you have in the story if it were written today?

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