Sharing An Insight – Lesson 9 – Hebrews

In personal relationships, there are times when a friend can explain the details of why something happened as it did in a more effective way than you can do for yourself. Your friend can “intercede” for you and clear up questions and misunderstandings that would be difficult for you to accomplish on your own. Isn’t it amazing that Jesus lives to “intercede”, for you and for me – Hebrews 7: 25. When my confidence is weak, He is able. When my courage is feeble, He is strong. When my faith is faltering, He will ask His Father on my behalf to keep His promises to me. Realizing this helps me to have great confidence in what God will do when I pray. After all, Jesus is also asking His Father to show me His mercy and grace when I need it – Hebrews 4: 16.

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