Sharing An Insight – Lesson 2

        Have you ever read through the Psalms and underlined the verses that speak about God’s “unfailing love”?

       In the New Living Translation, you’ll find it 74 times!  It’s a reality that I want to feel and experience deeply because out of it comes the unshakeable assurance that gives me HOPE and STRENGTH.  His “loving-kindness” does not depend on my response, my actions, or my faithfulness.  His “steadfast love” means that He will be there for me no matter what I may have to face today or tomorrow.  Thank you Lord Jesus that “You love me and by Your grace I have not only eternal comfort, but a wonderful hope which gives my inner being encouragement and strengthens me so that my deeds and my words are good.” (II Thess. 2: 16 – 17)

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