Sharing an Insight – Lesson 2

         I AM HE – The One You’re Looking For . . .  (John 4:26)

When the storm clouds have gathered and there’s sadness in my soul, I go looking for the answers, for someone to make me whole.

In the midst of accusations where misunderstanding is so great, I go searching for solutions and wonder if they will come too late.

As anger builds inside me and frustration overwhelms my mind, I go seeking things to give relief.  What solace can I find?

When change is unexpected and I’m taken by surprise, where can I go for comfort?    Is there one who tells no lies?

As thoughts of revenge come to me and my eyes are filled with tears, I look for consolation, for a place to calm my fears.

In the darkness of the night time, in the bleakness of my mind, a still, small voice is whispering,  “It’s in Me the answers you will find”.

I AM HE, the voice continues.    I AM HE Who knows you best.    I AM HE Who understands you.    I AM HE Who can give you rest.

I AM HE, Who knows the future.    I AM HE Who never fails.    I AM HE, the One you’re looking for.    Now go and tell your friends, I AM HE!

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