Sharing an Insight – for Lesson 9 and Thanksgiving, too

      It’s a great deal easier to be thankful when you feel and actually are content.  As we approach our annual day of Thanksgiving, it seems like a good time to take stock of my “contentment level”.  The dictionary calls it “a state of peaceful happiness”, but that  doesn’t seem to capture the whole idea for me.  My circumstances and the unpredictableness of life often try to rob me of “contentment”.  Our culture and the media try to convince me that I don’t have or own enough.  There is a Proverb that does help me, however, when it says that “those who fear the LORD have life and with that life one can rest content, untouched by trouble” –  Prov. 19: 23.  In you, O my God, may I find the peace that passes all understanding and the contentment that covers all my cravings and concerns.  For you have promised to supply all my needs.  Thank You, Jesus!  Thank You!

WINTER STUDY begins Friday, January 4 – “Fix Your Eyes on Jesus” – a study of the Gospel of John.  Just the right way to continue “The Jesus Journey”.  Study guides will be available in early December.




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