Sharing an Insight – Lesson 6

What’s your insight from this lesson?  Would you share it with us?  Here’s mine.

Exaggeration – when is it useful and appropriate and when does it cross that line and become a lie?  There are times when it is helpful to overstate the actual facts.  When someone wants to emphasize an idea, to be humorous, or to draw attention to something in particular, stretching the story, embroidering the facts, or enlarging the results can be very helpful.  Why is it so easy for me to criticize others when I realize that they are exaggerating and then turn around and do the same thing myself?  Today, Lord, just today, please show me when I am letting others believe that my story is totally true when, in fact, I have inflated (or deflated) the truth.  I know that You love honest scales and a truthful tongue.

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