Sharing an Insight – Lesson 6

It would be interesting to see the shield that you have designed for yourself.  What are the symbols that you have chosen to represent who you are or the things that are most important to you?  It could be the basis for an interesting family discussion, couldn’t it?  Here’s what mine has – a cross in the center with the outline of a heart interwoven around it.  Slightly off to the one side is a small building – my home with a couple of tall trees in the back of it.  On the other side is a very simple circle with some continents drawn in the middle, representing the world.  I think, at least for this week, these 5 things explain what is most important to me –  Jesus, relationships, home (hospitality), God’s amazing creation, and those around the world who are waiting to hear the message of Christ.  It’s really quite simple, but those are the things that I think about – every day.

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