Sharing an Insight – Lesson 3

      It has been helpful for me to think about the idea of getting dressed.  I have the total freedom through the power of the Holy Spirit to “take off the old bedroom slippers” and put on the “new walking shoes”.  The problem is that sometimes the soft old  slippers are comfortable.  They’re accessible and convenient and I have walked many miles in them.  So, I easily slip into them even when I know that they are no longer good for my feet or my balance and I will not able to go far in them.  That is when I remind myself that all the while my new walking shoes are totally supportive, readily available and incredibly more useful in every way.  So why hold on to the old slippers?  That’s a good question.  Lord, please remind me today that you have given me a new and immeasurably better way to “walk”.  You have given me, through the presence of Your Spirit the possibility of having your mind – your thoughts and your attitudes – all day and every day.

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