Lesson 11 – Intro – Nov. 25 – Dec. 2 Deuteronomy 32: 48 – 34: 12

     Do you ever read the obituaries in your newspaper?  They can be quite interesting even if you do not know the person or the family.  But, if you know them, then you can often learn something about the person and their interests or past history that you did not know before.  Some people write their own story, but most people let their family or closest friends compose the details which they want to publicly share about their deceased loved one.

     A short, but insightful, obituary for Moses was recorded at the end of the book of Deuteronomy.  Of all the things that could have been written about him, God chose a few very specific descriptions for us to know about this servant of His.  He was unique – no other prophet in Israel like him.  He knew God personally and had face to face encounters with Him.  The Lord sent him and empowered him to perform the awesome miracles in the land of Egypt.  It must have been a clear day on Mount Nebo because He was able to see the whole land where his people would soon live.  And finally God Himself was with him as he took his final breath.

      “Oh, Lord, in humbleness I bow before You today.  Thank You for calling me to become a child of Yours through faith in your Son, Jesus.  Thank you for redeeming me from the bondage of my sinful condition and my sin of ignoring You.  Thank you for the forgiveness that You give to me when I go my own way. To the responsibilities that You have given me to do today, may I be faithful.  To the people that You have put in my life, may I model obedience and willing submission to Your ways and Your will.  To You, Oh my God, may I  love and serve You with all my heart so that when my days are done I will be content with Your presence.  You alone are worthy and You alone are the One Who will keep all Your promises to me.”

      Our new series – “HIS Name is Jesus” – a study of the Gospel of Luke will begin on January 6, 2012.  I hope you will join us.   Marilyn


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  1. Thank you Marilyn and everyone who participated in this study. It was difficult at times, but when I found the treasures, it was well worth it. I look forward to the Luke study in January. May you see God in new ways this holiday season!

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