Lesson 5 – Sharing an Insight

Unity, like-minded, agreement.  Sometimes it seems like an impossibility, doesn’t it?  The illustration that I read this week in a small book by Stuart Briscoe helped me.  He said, “When you attend a symphony concert, you don’t hear a stage full of people all playing the same note.  Neither are they all playing their own separate compositions,  Rather, they are all scraping, banging, and blowing different parts clearly defined in the score under the direction of the conductor.  And the result is not unison, but harmony.  To live unitedly requires a knowledge of your part of the score, respectful submission to the conductor, and appreciation for the parts played by the others in the orchestra.  Your score is the Word of God.  The conductor is the Holy Spirit, and the rest of the orchestra are your fellow believers.”

Here’s the impacting part – “So if you haven’t done it before, check to see if you are scraping your fiddle in harmony or just blowing your own trumpet to the intense irritation of all within earshot.”  Seems like an illustration that I should remember.  How about you?

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  1. Wow, when I think about Jesus leaving heaven and His place in heaven with the Father to become a man, how much this truly expresses His love for us. I know that I would be hard pressed to make that choice. All the more reason to return His love. He truly did love us first.

    As Paul states, it is a hard choice to be in the body or out of the body. In the body, we have many opportunities to share the love of Christ. Out of the body, we are completely one with Him.

    I look forward to that union, but for now, I want my life to count for many who felt His love through me so that they will be where He is someday too!

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