Lesson 4 – Sharing an Insight

Here’s the question I have been asking myself this week – do I help or hinder the “progress and joy” of the people who I am with each day?  Paul was convinced that his presence (and his correspondance) would be not only an example but an inspiration to his friends wherever he went.  Oh Lord, may it be so for me today.

What is the question that you are asking yourself because of studying the first chapter of Philippians?

3 Responses to Lesson 4 – Sharing an Insight

  1. After seeing your question, Marilyn, I can’t think of any other.
    ” Do I help or hinder the “progress and joy” of the people I’m with each day?” For me it’s a very timely challenge. My daughter called today and I was able to share this week’s lesson with her. I feel that I must watch myself as not to be “preachy” and at the same time not be timid. Your question and this Bible Study has helped me to do this. Thank you!!

  2. I find myself asking, after reading vs.3, what is it about my life that could cause others to thank God when they remember me? and from vs 9, how can I grow in my love so that I will have more knowledge and depth of insight, allowing me to recognize what is best in life? It’s an interesting thought that growth in love can cause a depth of knowledge and insight as much (or more?) than information can. There’s much for me to ponder in that.

  3. The question I think about is do I hinder my own progress and joy? Do I allow my circumstances to dictate whether I rejoice or not? Your question Marilyn takes it a step further with regard to the people we’re with everyday. That is something I will meditate on…..

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