Lesson 3 – Sharing an Insight

What has God brought to your mind and heart through these opening verses in Paul’s letter to the Philippians?  For me is has been the phrase “that your love will overflow (or abound) more and more”.  I have been trying to live that out by taking the time and giving some energy to convey to people  some love — that is through listening more intently,  being more patient, interacting with those that  I might want to ignore, and on and on.  You know.  You understand.  And it makes life good — and sometimes surprises happen.

What about you?  Where are you going on your journey with Paul and the Philippians?  Tell us, please.

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  1. Hi Marilyn,
    I wanted to Share an Insight for Lesson 2. I thought there was a recent post for that option. Are we only sharing insights for current lessons? Sorry, I’m confused.

    • Just share the insight for any lesson on the Introduction to that lesson.
      I’m posting that “Share an Insight” post now to encourage more women to interact and respond.
      Thanks for your being willing to write your insights. It encourages others, also.

  2. What keeps coming to my mind in these opening verses is the attitude Paul has. He is not focused on himself but on others. He continues to be prayerful and encouraging even under his circumstances.

  3. Thanks Marilyn! I will share my insight for Lesson 2 and 3 here.

    For Lesson 2 – Did anyone else notice how much Paul encourages these believers and loves on them while giving them instruction at the same time? He has an excellent way of speaking love in truth.

    For Lesson 3 – What a wonderful opening to a letter. Paul really cares for these people. The insight I have in this lesson is that Paul’s confidence in Christ is beyond measure. I pray to have that kind of confidence!

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