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PUT ON YOUR HELMET – Intro to Lesson 2 – May 12 – 18

Did you know that the helmet is one of the oldest forms of personal protective equipment? As early as the 23rd century B.C. there is evidence that helmets were used to protect their heads from swords, arrows and other kinds of blows. Initially (during the Bronze and Iron periods), they were made of leather and various skins and then of brass. Around 950 A.D. helmets began to be made of steel. In the last couple centuries, much lighter weight materials have been discovered and the reasons for wearing them has greatly expanded. Not only are they used for safety, but they often provide a platform for mounting cameras, goggles, communication gear, and various vision devices, in addition to protecting the wearer from knocks, falls, and other shrapnel or flying objects.

When Paul communicated by letter to the churches and new believers, he often used the analogy of a soldier or of a battle to help picture for them the challenges that they would face as they lived out their new faith in Jesus. There would be temptations that they needed to be ready to face. There would attacks from Satan, the very real enemy of their faith, which would come in unexpected ways and from surprising places. There would be their own sinful nature that could undermine their safety and distract them from experiencing the kind of life that Jesus promised to give to them. The wonderful and helpful news that Paul also gave to them (and to us) was a real strategy for both offensive and defensive protection that would make it possible for them to experience victory.

By the way, what kind of helmet and armor are you wearing these days? Are there battles that you are facing and you are trying to do it without enough protective covering? Why not discover the options that God has promised to give to you as you seek Him and use the strategies that He has offered to you for your safety and peace?