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ARE YOU A RISK-TAKER? – Intro to Lesson 1 – September 14 – 21

Would you consider yourself to be a risk-taker?  Are you someone who loves adventure and feels that acknowledging the possibility of harm or loss is well worth the thrill of trying.  If you see yourself as innovative, curious, optimistic, willing to move out of your comfort zone, and to take chances, then perhaps you also lean toward being someone who is willing, perhaps even eager, to do and experience things that others would tend to avoid or see as unrealistic.  The spectrum of people who are risk-takers goes from cautious, deliberate and prudent to reckless, spontaneous, and fearless.

Through the years some people have looked at the Old Testament hero, named Noah, as a risk-taker.  Whether he and his family considered the whole idea of building a very, very large boat and then gathering the animals who were to live on it to be anything more than a God-given adventure, we can only speculate.  We do know this, however.  He was willing and eager to listen to his God and to do as He was instructed by Him.  It is also clear that since he was described in Genesis as a man “who walked with God”, clearly any dangerous risk that he might have felt diminished in size and the directive from the LORD took complete precedence.  As the project proceeded, we can only imagine the ways in which God continued to give Noah the reassurance that he needed to finish well.

It has been said that “everyone is able to take risks that are far beyond their imagination when they are in touch with a greater purpose in life”.  Would you say that when God moves, through His Spirit in your life, that this is true for you?