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UNBELIEVABLY GOOD NEWS – Intro to Bonus Lesson – April 14

Sometimes it feels like our world is filled with only bad news – crime, hatred, divorce, war, unemployment, earthquakes, persecution, scams and schemes, cheating, and hunger – causing many to feel apathetic, depressed and hopeless. Some people would say that the future looks grim both economically and politically. Others find the moral decay to be extremely upsetting. Do you know of a place where there is good news and hope?

The disciples and followers of Jesus must have been extremely sad and discouraged after they saw and heard that Jesus had actually been found guilty in the mind of Pilate and his accusers and had been hung on a cross while Barabbas was set free. Was there any good news or hope in their minds or conversation as they processed the reality of their situation? Some may have recalled Jesus’ mysterious words about “being betrayed, put to death, and then rising again in 3 days, but apparently they did not really grasp that in these ideas there was going to be a future that would be amazing. Actually in the very near future they would not only see the risen Messiah again, but they would become part of God’s plan to bring the Good News, the Gospel, everywhere. Their Messiah, their Savior was truly alive!

Who needs to hear this Good News from you? Who is ready to hear from you that Jesus is waiting to bring His forgiveness, His love, and His peace to everyone who will believe in Him?  That the best is yet to come!