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A VERY DISCERNING WOMAN – Intro to Lesson 5 – Oct. 13 – 20

If you heard someone say, “It’s a Dime a Dozen”, you would immediately know that this item was commonplace or easy to obtain, wouldn’t you? If I said that I have an “axe to grind”, you would understand that I wanted to discuss a grievance of some kind with you. These traditional and visual idioms are often great ways to communicate within our culture and language, but they make no sense at all if someone takes them literally. What would you say are some of your favorite idioms? Every people group and language has their own sayings that are commonly used and are helpful in explaining certain concepts or values within that culture.

As you read the story of a very beautiful and discerning woman named Abigail in the Old Testament, you might say, “she is between a rock and a hard place”. She is facing a dilemma that could have serious consequences no matter what she decides to do. Her husband has made some extremely poor choices and now his life, along with everyone in the family, is in very grave danger. She could go and try to intercede on their behalf, but she would have to do it “behind his back”. In fact, if she goes to David who is “hot under the collar,” she may be only adding “fuel to the fire”. It’s very clear from the speech that she made that it was her devotion to the Lord and His ways that gave her the courage, the acumen, and the willingness to take the risk in order that David’s reputation would not be marred and his conscience scarred by having taken vengeance into his own hands. Acting by faith produced some amazing results for this discerning woman.

When you face a dilemma, are “torn between” different options or “in a quandary”, how do you decide what to do? When you are “on the fence”, how does your faith and your commitment to the Lord influence your choices?