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A Bible study focused on the life of Joshua.

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Where do you turn when you face unexpected changes or challenges?  How do you handle life when feelings of inadequacy or uncertainty creep into your mind and spirit?  What do you do when you sense that you are incompetent or unqualified to move forward?  When the quiet voices on the inside or from the outside are telling you that you are too weak and inept to do what God is asking you to do, where do you go for help?

Certainly, Joshua could have had any or all of those feelings and concerns as he faced his responsibilities as the new leader of the Israelites.  As a young man, he had experienced God’s provision when He made a way for them to escape from their bondage in Egypt.  Under Moses, he had proved his commitment to Jehovah when he recommended they go immediately to the land which God had promised to Abraham, but then for 40 years he watched his people try to do things their own way as they wandered through the wilderness.  They were free from slavery, but they were not yet ready to believe that what God had promised to them could really be true.  During this time God was preparing Joshua for the unbelievable task of leading the next generation over the Jordan River and into the Promised Land where God would be with them and would give them victory over their enemies.

The ways in which God provided for and helped Joshua in his next phase of life and leadership give us such amazing and practical ways to experience victory in our own walk with Him.  As you embark on this study of life of Joshua, you will find the truths of the New Testament are vividly illustrated through his story and that God’s promises will give you the courage and strength you need to face your present circumstances and to have peace and confidence for the unknown of your future.

Lesson 4 – Introduction – July 5 – 12 The Courage to Obey

The word “obey” automatically causes many people to cringe, to become defensive, or to even want to do the exact opposite. Would you agree that independent thinking, self-reliance, and individuality are qualities that are much more highly regarded in our society than compliance, submission, or even respect? Our rights and privileges often give us a…Continue Reading

Lesson 2 – Introduction – June 21-28 The Courage to Face Danger

            What is the most dangerous thing that you have done to save someone else’s life or further a worthy cause?  Most of us have not experienced anything that would be likely to result in imprisonment or death.  We are left to our imagination then when it comes to understanding the motivation, emotions, and purposeful…Continue Reading

Why Study the Book of Joshua?

         If you could only have 3 or 4 books of the Old Testament to read, which ones do you think would be the most important? Many preachers agree that the Book of Joshua would certainly be one of those books. Chuck Swindoll says that “If you want to use a book in the Bible…Continue Reading