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THE PROBLEM WITH SELF-CONFIDENCE – Intro to Lesson 12 – March 31 – April 7

Would you agree that self-confidence is a highly valued trait in our culture? Who comes to your mind when you think of someone who displays this characteristic? A self-confident person trusts his own capabilities and usually has the courage to move ahead even when the outcome is not completely predictable. People who feel self-assured often rise to positions of leadership and prominence. They are eager to reach their goals and to accomplish the tasks that they set out to do. They may or may not be aware of the feelings of other people or the realities that could limit them. They often have a need or a desire to be in control of their environment or situation.

As you read the stories about Peter in the Gospels, he seemed to be a very self-confident person. He was certainly able to express himself, to ask questions of Jesus, to provide leadership, and to declare his unswerving loyalty to his teacher. Apparently he was the only one who did not disappear after Jesus was arrested. You could also say that his self-confidence got him into big trouble. When cornered by the servant girl, his own sense of confidence and courage failed him. In that moment of failure, Peter may have begun to understand that his own strength was not great enough to do what was right. It could well be that as he heard the rooster crow and he broke down and wept in repentance, he became aware in a new way of His need for Jesus. We know that in the coming years Peter found his confidence coming from his relationship to Jesus rather than from himself.

How would you describe yourself? SELF-confident or GOD-confident?