How Do You Cope With Change? Insight for Lesson 2

CHANGE – It’s inevitable, isn’t it?  When we were young, we were eager for it because it usually meant a new step in freedom and opportunity. It’s a whole different story in the last decades of life because it more often includes either loss, grief or less freedom. Perhaps one of the most critical and strategic life lessons we have is to learn what to do and where to turn when change is happening in your life. It really doesn’t matter if the change is planned and anticipated or if it is forced upon you by unexpected events or other people’s decisions. Actually there’s only one secure and unchanging place to go when life seems unstable, when circumstances are unpredictable or when the fog rolls in and you can’t see down the road. There’s only one person who never changes and can always see what is ahead. Thank you, Lord, that today you are MY ROCK. I know that you will never leave me or forsake me and that I can count on Your promises and Your presence no matter what changes I am experiencing.

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