Four Big Reasons to Study LUKE

Here are 4 good reasons to study the Gospel written by Luke.   I am grateful to Chuck Swindoll, the famous preacher, for the following summary of the Book of Luke, as found in “The LIVING INSIGHTS” study Bible.  And to his summary, I say, “Amen”. 

  1. It provides a trustworthy account of the life of Jesus. 
  2. It provides a realistic portrait of Jesus’ humanity.  He totally understands us. 
  3. It provides a comforting record of mercy and compassion for the unloved and unaccepted. He accepts us completely and loves us tenderly.
  4. It provides an orderly and complete account of Jesus’ earthly mission to save the lost that culminates in His death, resurrection and ascension. 

“Thank God for the gospel of Luke.  In this account of the life of Jesus we find SECURITY, IDENTITY, ACCEPTANCE, and FORGIVENESS.  Luke offers us an intimate look at a Savior we can approach with confidence, knowing that He will embrace us with love and shower us with grace.”


3 Responses to Four Big Reasons to Study LUKE

  1. Marilyn,
    I am excited to be a part of this study! So glad you mentioned it in your card!
    Happy New Year to you and your family.

  2. I just printed my lessons for His Name is Jesus study. I am excited to get started on Friday.

    Thank you Marilyn!

  3. In Luke 3:4-5 my study bible tells me that in John the Baptist’s day….”before a king took a trip messengers would tell those he was planning to visit to prepare the roads for him. Similarly John told his listeners to make their lives ready so the Lord could come to them.”

    This fits in with my desire for the new year to stay mindful of Jesus, always stay available for his direction, and be prepared to respond.

    Wishing with love that everyone has a blessed 2012 !

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